Designing Our Yearly Theme

Hey Brooke,

I joined SCS in February and we are coming close to the end of the year. What a journey this is!

I remember when 2017 started I had no idea how it will go, because ‘Hope’ was my theme for living, which at the time I thought is such a positive feeling, but it had tons of doubt and passivity in it.

Then I signed up for SCS and decided that my 2017 theme would be ‘Integrity’ and I lived it through my thoughts management and actions for the majority of the time and have had immense realizations and successes.

As I plan my days, as I plan my weeks, I am looking towards 2018 and thinking this is going to be an even better year and its theme would be ‘Transformation.’

I wonder what are your tools to look at an upcoming year and designing it in advance.

With gratitude for all that you are.

That Screenwriter