Desire to exercise

I am 8 lbs. away from my ultimate goal weight and I haven’t been exercising at all. I used to workout a lot several years ago and I kind of want to start, but I’m worried my brain will use exercise as an excuse to eat off protocol. I’ve been following protocol for a few months now and I still believe it’s ‘working’ and that I don’t have to change anything yet. The exercise I’d be doing isn’t cardio, so it’s not like I’m burning a ton more calories doing it, it’s more dance and moderate weight-lifting.

C: Desire to start exercising
T: I might use this as a reason to eat more (ie: “I’m too hungry to workout” or “I should eat before I workout” or “it’s unhealthy to not eat more if I’m working out” or “I just worked out so I need to eat more”)
F: Tentative
A: I don’t exercise
R: I don’t take the opportunity to challenge my programming, and I don’t exercise, and I don’t grow. I continue what I’m doing, which is fine, but not particularly expansive at this point.

C: Desire to start exercising
T: I can 100% handle the discomfort my brain might offer
T: It’s possible that this discomfort is going to get me closer than ever to my dreams
T: It’s possible that this comfort is how I grow
T: Maybe this discomfort is a reason TO do it
F: Empowered
A: I sign up for the gym, I find one class this week, commit to it and go. I stay in tune with my body and brain and practice my new thought (This discomfort is how I grow) when my brain tells me to eat more.
R: I grow 🙂

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