desires and decision fatigue

Hi there, question about desires and decision fatigue when I do not have a plan for something. Here I am assuming I cannot plan everything in my life, and more often then not I will find myself in a situation which I do not have a plan for. Let’s pick an example around food.
I do not have a plan for how I want to eat today. A desire to eat arises. What to do in front of any desire is my question, when I do not have a plan. If I had a plan, I already knew whether to answer the desire or to just allow it. But I do not have a plan, so I see my brain by default blocks me, kind of negates the object of desire. Then I started questioning: is this desire authentic? Do I want to eat actually? Is this physical or emotional hunger? It is kind I need to have a solid rational arguments to justify my choices to myself. And I stay in doubt and decision fatigue, I dissipate a lot of energy.
So one alternative you normally recommend in front of this is to have a plan in advance. But again, what for those situations where I don’t have a plan, is decision fatigue the only normal answer we can envision in front of a desire? Questioning everything puts into a rabbit hole of brain junk. I guess there are people around who do not have a plan, do not react, but neither end up in the rabbit hole in front of desires.