Detachment from food

Since starting this work about 6 months ago, I have lost 40 pounds and want to help other women do the same. I have started a blog to share recipes, musings and insights about my journey, which has been really successful in the short time it’s been active. I spend a lot of time thinking about recipes, styling the food for photos, etc. This has felt very empowering because it detaches the act of thinking about/preparing food from actually eating it. In the past, I would engage in a lot of “food porn” and then overeat, and snack pretty much constantly while cooking. This is a whole new experience.

My question is: is this a slippery slope? So far, it has actually decreased my desire to overeat because it gives me a chance to practice exposure to old triggers and not giving into urges. But I wonder if food is still too much a part of my life.