Detecting sensations before emotional eating

I am successfully learning how to process my emotions with self coaching instead of emotionally eating. I have lost 40+ pounds, used my urge jar daily and haven’t broken protocol in 2 months, until yesterday.

Last week I had a family member, who I felt really positive and close to, call me and loudly voice her issues with me. I decided to bring it to my 20 min coaching session. I wanted to process it head on and knew that I was going to be at a party with both her and her partner just two days after that call. The session was amazing and I felt really grounded in how I wanted to move forward.

During the party I felt that I was respectful while still maintaining my boundaries and being true to myself. When I got home a few people reached out to tell me that the couple was not only airing out their grievances with me but now also sharing their opinions of me with the entire family.

2 months ago when I was at the height of my emotional eating I would feel a tightness in my chest and a shaking all through out my arms and head before I would just see red and eat. Knowing that pattern has been extremely helpful. When I feel those sensations arise I decide to lean into it instead of turning to food.

Yesterday when I got home I coached myself, went through a few models and sat with myself checking to see if I felt that tightness in my chest, or any shaking. I sat with myself for an hour and didn’t feel the sensations. I then proceeded to eat so much that I became physically unwell.

Its been 2 months since I last emotionally ate, I wonder if my physical signs have now changed to something new? If so do you have any advice on how to approach this learning?