Determining Value

I love the idea of providing 10x the value of what I charge my clients. I’m just wondering how to confidently place a value on things that are hard to quantify. For example, I coached a client last week who wanted to talk about his job transition, which he did in detail, and then we also ended up talking about how he can quit smoking. For quitting smoking, I gave him several tools I’ve just learned from amazing you (talked about “allowing” urges, what might happen if he has the urge and says, “Hi urge. I’m not going to smoke, so what’ve you got??”, having a plan of action for when they come up -for example, go for a walk, his compelling reason for quitting, and I also suggested the “Quit That!” app). I heard back that he’s been using all of these and has 7 days without smoking — hurray!

Of course, I know that what he does is all him. So when I’m thinking about this, do I think, “Quitting smoking is certainly worth 10x…”? Or “I held space for him to work out some ideas for new jobs and businesses, and I also offered 4 tools, so that might be worth 10x…”? At the moment I’m just daring myself to get more practice and didn’t charge him a thing, but I’m interested in your perspective on which part of what I’m offering is something that will register as value to the client so they FEEL like they’re getting 10x the value of what they’ve spent, or any other insights into this fascinating topic. 🙂 THANK YOU, GODDESS!