Developing a protocol

Hello, I posted about self love and I got a very helpful response on allowing myself to get to a place of self acceptance. I think I’m still trying to change all these external things by making a self acceptance list, trying to compliment myself, and so on. What was recommended was to get to a place of self acceptance first by being aware and curious with what I am thinking. No beat myself up. Is it best to just spend time practicing taking ownership on the thoughts that I’m thinking? So I can have negative thoughts and positive thoughts and still love myself anyway. I can still love myself as I am now without have to make change (which blows my mind). The only thing I need to change it my thoughts? Or just allow them for now with curiosity? Is there a way to develop a self love protocol / plan of action for every day? Right now, some days it seems like I’m not aware of myself and my work so I wanted to develop a protocol similar with food to do everyday so I’m not failing ahead of time if that makes sense? Thank you!!