Developing Confidence as a Creative Entrepreneur

I’m a writer. I have recently completed my first children’s novel. It has been professionally edited and the editor said many positive things about it.

I pitched it to a couple of publishing houses I found on the internet. One got back to me within the week and said they want to work with me. Instantly I distrusted them or rather, I distrusted my ability to garner a publisher that quick for my book. The publisher in question is a newly formed company – only in the last twelve months and they don’t have any internet footprint other than a two page very nice but rather hollow looking website. I have given them a break as understandably it isn’t a great time to be beginning a new business however it is a hybrid model of publishing which sees me as the author put up a substantial sum towards having the book published and marketed. I am in Australia they are in the UK I worry that I can’t physically go and check things out for myself.

Whether they are the real deal or not is not the issue though. I clearly have some problems with my self belief. I want to work on that as it is a pattern which I can see emerging in many areas of my life and it discourages me from taking bold steps. I have always been an over-thinker and terribly anxious when it comes to making decisions. I look to others for advice and surety when I would just prefer to build myself into someone I can lean on and have confidence in my own abilities. Hence here I am at Scholars.

How do I build myself into the wise hero that I can always call on to help me?

Oh – I think I have already answered this – back to the study vault.

Thanks for your time in helping me work through this problem 🙂