Developing a simple program for kids

Hi Brooke!
I have a plan and would like your advice. So, I work in a school. I am a speech pathologist. I work with kindergarten through 21 year olds. I love what I do but would REALLY like to apply this work to the kids that I work with (which I sort of already do, especially with my troubled ones and ones that stutter) but I would like to teach this concept to ALL of the kids at school. I then would also like to help the teachers and possibly the people in my community to “feel better”. I have a lot of work to get better at the model and with myself first of course but would like to start to take action now. I hear so many kids blaming and I see how sad so many of them are. My upbringing was hard (my mom died with I was 3 and my dad was an alcoholic) and I know that I would have GREATLY benefited from knowing that my thoughts are normal and that I have the ability to control them. So that is my compelling reason for wanting to help these kids. I hate public speaking but am working on my thoughts around that.
I have the summer off so I wanted to use my time to develop a plan. Is there a specific place to start? Is kindergarten a place to start or is that too young? I have 3 boys at home and would like to trial it out on them first this summer as well. Perhaps after you are done working with adults, you would want to develop a specific plan for kids/teens???? 🙂
Any guidance to get me started would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a bunch!