Deviating from protocol a "little bit"

A few thoughts about the food protocol. What’s happening is I make the plan, and I mostly stick to it but not all the time. I want to pick at my food before I eat it, and I frequently want snacks – even if its just a piece of cheese or meat. I can see that it’s buffer-y.

C protocol snack
T It doesn’t matter if I don’t stick to protocol times perfectly for weight loss –
F Desire
A Eat protocol friendly snack food
R I’m having difficulty seeing how my result here proves my thought. What’s my result? I guess it is that I have no idea if what I’m doing is working.

I see that I have to answer the question – “why would it?”. Well, I think it would matter because I will never know why, emotionally, I can’t wait two darn minutes for my food to be ready before I pick at it. What emotions can I simply not stand that I *have* to pick at my food? It’s another opportunity for me to awaken to my true self. I then tell myself that “telling myself that picking at my food is preventing me from getting to know my true self sounds absolutely ridiculous – just pick at the food like a normal person”. Should I do a model on this, too?