Diagnosing vs. thoughts?

Hi there,

I am wondering whether when I try to do a thought download, I’m actually trying to ‘diagnose’ myself. I read it back and I’m not sure if I’m really capturing the thoughts that I think, but rather what I think about those thoughts.

For example, some of the thought download from yesterday:

– I’m not present enough to feel joy
– I’m not living in the moment
– I’m all in my head
– I’m too doubtful of myself to commit

I do think these thoughts at times, but when I write them down, it’s more me trying to figure out why I’m not living the way I’d like to (as opposed to what I was thinking about a particular circumstance).

Does it matter either way? Am I still achieving the overall aim of being more aware of my thoughts? Or am I sending myself down rabbit holes by overthinking things?