Dialing in my protocol

Hi Brooke! I’m brand new to SCS, and completed the Stop Overeating segment right away. I’ve been sugar & flour free for 2 weeks, and doing 16/8 fasting. Love it, feel great! I have a few questions which will help me dial this in even more:

I have always struggled with portions, so it would help me to know how many oz of carbs per day you recommend. And, what ratio of veg to cooked whole grains you suggest?

I have a question about the eating window. Is it calculated from the first bite you take in the day to the last?

Are avocado & bacon considered fat?

Is cheese fat or protein?

Last, what’s your opinion about butter coffee (bulletproof coffee)? Would you count that fat as part of your 6 tablespoons of fat per day?

Thank you for your wisdom & insight! xo