Diamond scholar! :)

I just hit Diamond level and I am super excited. In the welcome video, Brooke mentions that she’s sure our lives are not the same.

Brooke, you’re right on the money. This past year, I’ve reached new heights in my life I never thought possible. I finally broke through my separation anxiety and I did that pretty quickly after I joined. I manage my mind so much better. I found the most amazing man who is just perfect for me, we’ve recently moved in together and I can see daily how much I have changed in being in a relationship (this after 2 years of ‘desperate dating’ and a fair few failed relationships). I’ve overcome my perfectionism mostly and while it sneaks in occasionally, I remember that B- work is good enough. I still learn daily and it’s never perfect but the all the small changes have added up to a massive turnaround.

Even during these last few months, I have felt calm and collected, no stress and ready to sit through it without the mind monkeys going crazy. I’m even extremely positive about the future that lies ahead.

Thank you, Brooke, & all the wonderful coaches. You opened my eyes and mind to new possibilities I never thought possible. I’m glad I hung in there.