Did I just self-sabotage or am I doing this right?

Hi. I love SCS. I’ve been working my way through the December materials and set my “Impossible Goal” of becoming a professional writer who will make a six-figure income from my writing within the next 1-2 years. I have several writing projects that are half completed and ideas for many more. I’m very enthusiastic about my goal even though it feels really scary and hard because I’ve been trying to do this since I was in college.

In visualizing how to accomplish this goal, I did a time audit and a schedule of what my days and weeks would look like once I am working and writing as a pro. I determined to get up early(4-5 a.m.) in the morning before my children and my other work day/job officially starts in order to get my daily word count done. As soon as I set this secondary goal of getting up super early in the morning, I started to feel stressed and defeated. The issue is that I have tried to get up early my whole life and I’m good for a few days and then I start hitting snooze and sleeping later and later… and then I feel like a failure. So, here’s my question: is adding the early morning writing routine on a realistic part of setting up my 1Q 25 fails OR did I just self-sabotage my Impossible Goal by adding on something that my subconscious knows that I think that I cannot do? Does that make sense? I feel like I psyched myself out.