Didn’t make weigh in goal today :-/

So Friday’s are my weigh in day and I’m trying to lose weight. I lost 0.8lb. This has been a mission for years to lose this weight. I’ve spent my whole life trying to lose weight. I even lost 100lbs at one point and kept it off for years but I was doing terrible things to my body to do that. I eventually put on almost all the weight I lost, this time I am trying to do this in a mindful supportive way that lasts. I journal and assess every day, etc. Any who…I’ve been rolling around the mid 250s for months now, I haven’t seen 249 on a scale in so long. I’m excited for that moment. In any event I’m just ready to kick a tree this morning, even though I lost, I was hoping it would be more. It definitely is messing with me mentally. I know my main problem is the weekends. I get giddy Thursday night thinking: FRIDAY is here. I have more free time, but when in the midst of the weekend, I am thinking about food and my next meal. I’ve stayed on plan for the most part, a few times overeaten on weekends but I’m a nut. I’m giddy for the weekend but then when it comes I don’t know what to do with myself. If I veg and watch Netflix I feel guilty, if I work I feel burnt out. But this just started my day off shitty. Any advice is appreciated.