Didn’t touch that candy bowl.

Had to go to an all day staff retreat. Bowls of candy on the tables, donuts on the counter.

Didn’t even register their existence until we were leaving.

There have been long stretches of my life where I would have been so preoccupied all day by how many of these things I could eat, when should I eat them, whether people would notice me, could I grab a couple for my bag. All that brain space…

I love how much more pleasure I believe I have now. Just as a baseline belief, without having to constantly manage my overdesire, resentment, scarcity thoughts. I see and believe in an abundance of pleasure in my life. Sugar is no longer all powerful!

What a difference. Starting month 3 of scholars (30lbs down in that time). This SOE has started to feel easy — on to the next summit!! 😉