Diet Mentality Fears

IF with a Protocol of No Sugar/No Flour sounds a lot like a diet. Please give me some guidance on how I do not fall into diet mentality with this protocol. Right now I’m “in the zone” and have no desire to eat the sugary sweets that have been my downfall in the past and with which I often overeat. I have a history with diets of being “perfect” for about 6 weeks then “falling off the wagon.” I realize there is not wagon to fall off of–this is now the way I choose to eat–but I have this underlying fear that I am just demonstrating my past experience of being a great dieter for about 6 weeks. Is it as simple as the following change in thinking?
c-IF with a no sugar/no flour protocol
t-this is just another diet
f-fear, worry
a-continue to stick to protocol for awhile but eventually give in to an urge to eat off protocol
r-do not lose weight consistently

c-IF with no sugar/no flour protocol
t-I feel great eating what I have created as my protocol and “my guidelines” for eating
f-confident, committed
a-utilize the skill of dismissing urges to eat off protocol
r-my consistency results in my shedding the excess weight with ease

The first thought still seems true to me–is the skill just noticing when I have the first thought (fear this is a diet) and shift to my intentional thought of this is new way of eating for life with planned exceptions of joy food?

Thanks, Brooke, for all your guidance and coaching!