difference between action and result?

I am working through some thought models on a date I had this weekend where, when the guy saw me, I watched him turn around and leave and then got a ‘sorry this isn’t going to work out text’ (ugh).  I am struggling to understand the difference between the action and result in this situation:

My model:
C: I got a text saying “this isn’t going to work” after the guy saw me from a distance
T: he didn’t like how I looked
F: hopeless
A: overthink, stew on how bad my body is, no action, I keep reliving it in my head, I feel sick
R: sad/hate my body/think my body is the reason I am single

so my questions are:
– can an action be a thought?
– can a result be a thought?
– how do I differentiate between actions and results?