Difference between allowing an urge and processing an emotion/feeling?

I’m currently going through the Stop Overdrinking program. I’m not sure whether I’m allowing an urge or processing an emotion/feeling.

The reason I’m confused is that I’m not actually craving a drink. In fact, if the thought enters my mind, I’m pretty put off by even the idea of having a drink.

But I am having super high anxiety and a lot of emotions. It’s not all related to not having a drink, there are other circumstances in my life right now that are causing thoughts, and emotions as a result.

I’m just not sure if I’m mistaking an urge for a feeling, or really…. perhaps mistaking what I think is a feeling and maybe it’s actually an urge and I’m just not recognizing it as such.

I suppose one thought I’ve had is that a drink would numb the feelings – but it’s not a compelling enough thought to make me have the drink. I guess I’ve always thought an urge would be more like trying to talk myself out of having the drink…and that’s not the case here.

I just am not wanting a drink at all other than perhaps thinking it would help alleviate the anxiety.

How would I check in to see what’s going on? Are there differences I should be looking for to tell if it’s an urge vs a feeling?