Difference of opinion with husband, follow-up please

Referring to the first paragraph: What if my husband keeps insisting that I believe his belief or opinion? This happens a lot! There usually is not a comfortable way to state my opinion. Especially when he wants me to believe what he believes.

He explained why he wants this (his model and manual- couples should be in agreement; I should support him; I am wrong in how I think about something (I am stupid, etc. – which I have worked through and know not to be true). When I give my opinion, he thinks I am putting him down and saying he is wrong.

I really do NOT want to say anything, especially when I know I have a different opinion and it will “set him off”. I know it is his manual and I am not supposed to fix him.

I am hoping that as I continue to be curious, just give space and let him talk, that maybe the conversation will change for the better. I don’t think it is healthy for him to be so negative and most importantly holding me accountable to make him feel better by agreeing with him.

I also get REAL TIRED of hearing all these negative comments.