Difference of opinion with husband

Help with two related models please.

C: Husband says “See the pig on the ladder” (referring to the site manager on property)
T: I wish my husband would let it go
F: anger
A: responded in an angry tone “Oh (fill in my husband’s name)”, got out of car that we were driving in and went in the house.
R: Other thoughts about why my husband needs to continue with this and to let it go.

C: Husband asks “Why did you use the tone of voice earlier when I made the comment that the site manager is a pig?”
T: I will listen to him and not say anything (sub text thought:  This is again his statements that I am suppose to acknowledge and agree to but now do not want to so I better not say anything.)
F: intentional curiosity
A: listened to him AGAIN go on and on about “these people” etc., did say at one point “Yes I know you feel this way”, kept space, noticed some feelings stirring up like before and chose not to feel them or act out of them
R: Avoided a huge of conflict like we would have had before. Not 100% settled though in feeling good about this.