Differences in process for do goals and to do list

I have listened to both do goals and throw away your to do list(many times)
I have 6 plus pages of things to do Brooke says schedule them in order of what needs get done first.. priority.

Im not getting thru the scheduling of all of these let alone the doing of them all…
I look at the list and start looking down for what needs to get done now and then I don’t get it scheduled to the end of the list.

Should I just go one by one and down my list. And put everything in priority order?

Is it recomened do work off 1 then schedule to the end and throw away the list or have different sheets for different outcomes like Brooke recommends in do goals.

I am just getting a bit of traction in calendaring and getting things done but I don’t seem to get it all calendared. It feels like there More I want to do then the time on my calendar allows

Thanks 🙂