Differences in views in terms of parenting in the context of coronavirus

Our daycare is allowed to stay open in the current context as they have less than 10 children.
My perspective is that since this is allowed by the government, we should put my 1 year old daughter in daycare. I am working from home and it is difficult for me to work and take care of her at the same time (and my company has asked that we reduce our hours if we have our children at home). My husband has his own business and if he stops working or works less to take care of her/ works less, it will have an impact on our income.
My husband disagrees with me. He wishes to pull our daughter out of daycare so she can stay with us. He feels that in the current context it is not responsible to have her go to daycare as we would be contributing to spreading the virus and ultimately, responsible for other people’s death (even though he is not scared that we might die from a potential infection ourselves).
I don’t know what to do, follow his decision or insist on mine?
I am not sure what my model here would be. We each have different models clearly, and not sure how we can reconcile them to get to a decision we are both ok with.
thank you for your help!