different option.

Dear Brooke, I am looking for your opinion. I am new to your scholar and I am in love with your teaching. I have been doing my daily homework. I enjoy doing the thought download, the model and the podcast episodes for the month of January. I made a promise to myself when I purchase the monthly course as a Christmas gift that this year was the year that I was going to invest on myself. I spend about 30 minutes everyday first thing in the morning ( around 4: 30 am ) dedicating to the work. Either by listening to the podcast, watching to the videos and doing the thought download. I am so happy with the results I am getting. The transformation is slowly taking place, the compliments I am getting from my friends and colleagues are so positive and refreshing to hear. The only sad thing about all this is that my husband feels that I have become obsessed with the material to the point that he told me that if I continue this way his going to cancel my subscription with The Life Coach school. I have tried the model on this matter trying to understand him and why he would say and do such a thing like this. I don’t want to create a fight at home and to be honest with you I am shocked that he would do such a thing.
just looking for an opinion and advice on this matter.