Different parenting styles

C: We go on a walk
T: Loui (husband) and Evan (son) are arguing and this sucks
F: Frustrated
A: I intervene in the conversation in order for them to stop fighting. I feel like I need to take a side but I just mediate. I try to be upbeat about the situation but I feel like I’m making up for hurt feelings. I distract them by looking around for things in nature.
R: I turn the walk into a sucky experience for myself

C: We go on a walk
T: L & E are arguing and it’s not my business
F: Relaxed
A: I continue on the walk in peace. I take responsibility for my own actions and I don’t interfere in the conversation.
R: I stay out of the argument and enjoy the walk

I did the above scenario today but when we got home my husband argued that we needed to be “on the same page.” I agree somewhat but I also want to follow what I think is best. We have different parenting styles and I want to be okay with that and stop people-pleasing, mediating their fights, and also solving problems as a family.