Difficult Conversations

I have a child who receives Special Ed services. When we meet as a team (teachers, therapists, special Ed administrators) to agree on a special education plan for my child, there is often disagreement on what is best for my child. The school district has a history of not doing right by students in spEd. How do I use the principles from Difficult Comveraations podcast in this situation? I don’t want to only hear their version of the situation and their solution. I definitely want to give my version of what my child needs and my solution. Most important is to manage my thoughts and emotions and I’m getting much better at that, but now I’m wanting to unpeel the next layer. How do I give up being ‘right’ when their version of ‘right’ could negatively impact my child. It also often feels like an uneven playing surface with 8 or 9 school reps and me. (I do know ‘uneven’ is just a thought).