Difficult Relationship to my mother

Hi Brooke,

I´m in since 24h and LOVE SCS! Thank you and your Team for this amazing work. Could you check my first Model – try please?

Whats about:
My Mother is in divorce. She was and is alcoholic and depressed human, now even more. Our relationship is a little difficult. She expect to meet me many times in the week – and all the meets are veeeeeery tense! I do my best to be positive – but in her eyes everything is hopeless and sad.

C – My Mother is in divorce and ask for a meet up.
T – I got to meet her. I have to save her. Nothing what I say/do help her. I’m not allowed to be really happy
F – I feel fake, Overwhelmed, sad
A – I’m fake suuuuuper happy in our meetings.
R – Tense meet ups

C – Mom ask for a meet up
T – I am only responsible for myself – I have the freedom to decide
F – Powerful, Self-determined
A – I’m real
R – Better meet ups