Difficulties with daughter

I am currently traveling with my 17 year old daughter. At times I find her to be very difficult: short-tempered, impatient, makes judgmental comments towards me, expresses displeasure frequently. The thought I have is that she is difficult to be around. It feels so true! It does hurt my feelings, even though I know intellectually that my thoughts are what is hurting me, not her actions. Here is my model:

C: daughter says words, acts in certain manner
T: she is so difficult to be around (she is doing this to me)
F: emotionally exhausted
A: judge her, keep my distance, find evidence for other ways in which she is falling short
R: I am difficult to be around. I am not behaving well.

I’ve tried other thoughts like:
She’s doing the best she can, she’s learning and growing.

While this feels slightly better than the prior thought, I still feel emotionally drained by the situation. Any advice?