Difficulty accepting praise

On my coaching call with Nadege this morning, I verbalized that I have a hard time accepting when other people praise me. I never tell people they must be wrong (I always thank them but internally doubt their sincerity). This belief didn’t come up during January’s work. My company just had performance reviews and I listened to my manager talk for 45 minutes about how well I’m doing. My thought is that I don’t know how to believe praise. I’ve been with my company for almost 3 years and STILL get surprised every time someone says something nice or praising about me (either to me or to my manager).

C: People say words
T: They don’t mean it
F: Unbelief
A: Don’t allow self to accept praise, continue to work even harder (T: they’ll mean it if I work harder), think they don’t really know me that well, internally dismiss the praise while externally thanking and acknowledging it
R: I sell myself short to me

Start of Bridge Model
C: People say words
T: It’s possible they mean it

Can I get help with the rest of the Bridge Model and what an Intentional Model would look like?