Difficulty finding thoughts and emotions

I find it quite difficult to find the thoughts behind my negative emotions. I find it hard to find my emotions often, too.
Could it be that I am so afraid of feeling something negative?
When I feel nervous, I often grab the phone and try to reach my family or friends – but not necessarily to talk about how I feel, rather as a way to avoid what I am feeling. Or I will prepare something to eat, while important things do not get done, even those I used to like doing.
What shall I do?

The reason it is hard for you to find your negative thoughts and emotions is because you try to avoid or resist the feelings instead of processing them.

What is the worst that could happen if you feel those negative feelings? When we resist feeling the emotions, most likely it will keep coming up. When we judge and criticize our emotions instead of processing them, it perpetuates and drives certain actions and creates undesirable results.

To identify your thoughts, you can do thought downloads. Thought downloads can help you be a watcher and get a closer look of your mind. When you identify the thoughts, write them down, pause and take a closer look, get curious about them with compassion.

Feelings are just vibrations in our bodies. There is nothing to worry about. Try the technique of closing your eyes and going inside your body, traveling down from your mind. See what this offers you.

Would mindfulness exercises help?