Digging up the past

Have been practising the life coaching principles for the past few weeks. Thought all was well and then, poof! Drawn to my ex narcissist. WHY, ohWHY???I have ignored him for the past 6 months and then I sent him an email, out of the blue this afternoon. Does doing this work dredge up past issues? I have been struggling to get him out of my system but have really struggled. I have done the model , but try as I might, the things I say to myself (the new model) just sound fake and deson’t resonate. hate that he has a new girlfriend and as much as I can think to myself that I am better off without him, I jusst don’t feel this way ( in my heart of hearts). So, of course, I have been drinking wine , which I haven’t done for 3 weeks and feel disappointed with myself. My old self would have berated myself …I haven’t so that’s a start I guess…… does this get easier with time?