Dilemma to choose one focus area

I am a newbie here. I am finding it tough to choose one main focus for April. And I realize it is a recurring issue I have seen – I often find myself in dilemma when I have to choose. If I try to choose one option, I feel the other one is more important and vice versa. For example, if I choose that ‘I want to teach my kids phonics’, then I feel that I should have done something for myself. If I choose something for myself like say ‘meditation every day for 15 mins using different technique every day’, then I feel that I have already tried a version of this and may be it’s not such a important focus area to have. And the same debate goes on.I think I am trying to find the best focus area and am unable to. I know I can try one thing now and the next thing later. But I don’t feel like giving anything up. May be I can choose one focus as far as the homework is concerned, and continue to do other things anyways. Is it important to choose something big for the focus area, or something simple like mediation or running are ok ?

Also, can you please provide me some resources or guidance on how I can clear up this pattern.