"Dining in" and eating under minimum calorie threshold

I am 5′ 8″, 169 pounds (lost net 2 pounds in June). I have already lost 56 pounds from my highest weight 4.5 years ago. My goal weight for a while has arbitrarily been 145, but I have never been at my body’s natural weight so I really don’t know what number would feel good. I’m currently going through the Stop Overeating Workshop.

I’m having trouble reconciling what Brooke says about ignoring calories (not tracking them or worrying about them), what she says about doing something you can continue doing for the rest of your life (on board with that), and the idea that there’s a minimum calorie threshold to meet in order to not “starve” (something like 1200 for women). I track my calories, more to pay attention to how many carbs I’m eating because I’m a type 1 diabetic.

I like the idea of “dining in” and I already do low carb with intermittent fasting (normally ~20/4 because that’s what’s comfortable). I’m wondering if I could eat less during my window and more from “dining in” if the calorie threshold is not important, until I reach a weight at which I feel comfortable. I am okay with the sensation of hunger and only “break fast” by having a roll of Smarties when my blood sugar drops too low.

I feel my engineer brain overthinking this and would appreciate perspective!