Dinner and fatigue

I have a tendency to overeat at dinner and to want to sit at the table and not move. I’m looking at my model and this is what I have-

C: Dinner
T: I don’t want to get up and clean after dinner and finish my chores
F: Dread, fatigue, low energy
A: Overeat, sit longer and dwell in the feelings of not wanting to put energy into doing chores
R: I overeat– I enjoy the food and it’s taste, so I go beyond what I need to feel full. I then will grab chocolate covered almonds to feel a “burst” of good hit/ energy prior to doing my chores.

When I look at the end of my day, I do not enjoy doing clean up, chores or things I don’t find pleasure in at the end of the day. I know I’m not entirely sleepy but I do get sleepy around 8pm. Last night for instance, the last thing I wanted to do was finish the dishes or clean the table, but I had no problem laying down and reading a new book. If I look at my new models, I come up with solutions such as 1. Eating dinner earlier and enjoying time at the table w/my family without food in front of me 2. Planning what I eat and allowing only that on the middle of the table. 3. Becoming savvy so there are no chores after dinner.

I can make and plan for all of the above but I would also like to be in a position where I can feel the dread of chores and not liking it while also not overeating. Allowing for both.

Thank you