Dinner Time is a Struggle

I am finding it hard to put the following scenario into a model that works; therefore I am unable to even start an intentional model. Can you please help? Here’s the scenario: I come home from work at 5:45. Typically, when I walk in the door, my husband and teenage kids are relaxing on the couch while I have to start dinner. I want to serve something healthy, however that is very challenging. One daughter is celiac–no gluten. They are all picky eaters, generally don’t like vegetables, cooked or raw. I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to please everyone. I realize that I don’t HAVE to feed my family. Two responses to that: 1) I want to provide family dinner at home and 2) If I don’t, they either start rummaging through the cupboards for unhealthy snack food or drive to a restaurant and spend money we can’t afford. So here’s my model that is not working: C: Dinner Time T: I want to serve healthy food that pleases my family F: Guilt A: We eat a lot of homemade tacos and hamburgers (need more variety) and eat at restaurants way too often. R:???