Dinner with Brother – Assistance with model please.

Hello, I am wanting some guidance please with a model I am attempting to do for myself about my brother. I am having a birthday dinner and he is invited along with a couple of friends. My challenge is, how do I do a model that will serve me and how I think about the way I know he will behave. He will drink too much and he will start talking/lecturing. He is racist. And I know he will raise what is happening in America now. We have very, very different views on this. I want to make sure my brain is clear of how I handle this situation.

So far I have:
C – Brother is Racist (I know this is probably not a circumstance, but I’m not sure what to put)
T – Oh no, he will go on and on and get confrontational, esp when he has been drinking. How can we have the same parents?
F – Sick
A – Try to defend, deflect the conversation.
R – Possibly ruin the evening. Don’t talk to him, get upset
C – Brother is coming to my birthday dinner
T – I know the discussion will lead to America and I know how he will react.
F – Sad
A – Don’t let it bother me, tell him I don’t want to talk about it on my birthday, tell him its okay, that’s his opinion and he is entitled to it.
R – Hopefully a More relaxed evening.