Disagree about what to keep/get rid of….

Hi! So, I love this month’s topic and it came at the perfect time! I so need this!
I was just giving my house a quick overlook to see what I would want to get rid of and what would be more difficult to let go. We have furniture that my husband’s Dad gave us about 15 years ago before we ever got married. He was moving and wanted to give it away. We’ve carried it with us from Philadelphia, to San Diego and then Los Angeles (with a bunch of moves throughout LA). I have never liked the furniture. My husband has sentimental attachment to the pieces (a china hutch and sideboard). They were both from his Grandfather’s house from growing up and he loves antiques (he was a history major) and is pretty attached to this furniture. We have fit this stuff into every place we’ve ever lived and I gave up trying to win the fight, but this month’s topic is making me think about it again. Any tips on how to deal with this? How do you clear out your space and surround yourself with what you want when you live with a spouse who disagrees with your desire to get rid of something he appreciates? Is this just a thought issue? 🙂 Thanks!