Disappointed in my boyfriend

My boyfriend is a Builder and has his own company. He’s always worked hard and earnt good money but since we have had to self isolate I have been working from home putting in a 45 hour week and he has done very little other than listen to music, watch tv and drink beer. Basically treating every day like it’s the weekend. I have always cooked our dinner every night, done the food shopping and done 80% of the housework and that was ok when we were both out to work but now he’s not working he’s not offering to jump in with any of these chores even though I try to drop friendly and even humorous hints. I don’t want to nag him but it’s obvious he could be doing more at this time. We moved into our new home a year ago and there are loads of DIY jobs he could be doing but he’s not motivated to do any of it even though it would be so easy for him. I even asked him if he could order me some paint so I could get on with some decorating some rooms next weekend and he still hasn’t done that… it seems the more I remind him the less likely he is to do it. I feel angry a lot of the time that he’s being so lazy when I’m putting in a full days work. I know I have a massive manual for him at the moment and he doesn’t need to do it any differently but I’m worried if this carries on I’m going to have to say something which will lead to us falling out. When we’ve only got each other right now I really don’t want it to go that way. I know I have to manage my mind better about it but I just can’t help feeling so disappointed in him. Can you suggest a way I can speak to him that will not make me sound like I’m telling him off as I know that won’t get us anywhere. Or do I have no business speaking to him and I just need to think about it differently
Thanks 🙏