Disappointed that my 30 year old daughter was not supportive of my 2020 goals.

I just took my daughter out to lunch to share with her my intention of stopping my addictions of food and alcohol in 2020. I thought she would be supportive and happy for me to want to become my best self.
This goal is also important and would be a wonderful gift to myself since I am a two-time cancer survivor!
She got annoyed with me…this is just another one of your extreme schemes and basically shut me down saying she did not want to discuss it with me. She made the comment, have you ever heard of balance, Mom? I am working through that emotion and will attempt a model. I just received my material on Friday which I have been reading and listening to some of it over the weekend.
But as I remember Brooke saying reading and listening is not the same as creating and understanding models.
C I am 30# overweight and personally desire to stop using alcohol
T Learning the meta-skill of retraining my brain, thoughts and feelings sounds awesome to me, even though my daughter had a negative reaction.
F Change is difficult for her, so I want to be understanding as she processes this information from me. Her lack of support right now is more motivation for me!
A I will continue to do the work of accomplishing MY goals!
R I will have non-supportive people but that will not deter my intention.

That was a bit wordy and I will keep working on it. Am I on the right track? Thank you for the help!