Disappointed with my friend

I am upset with my friend. I love her and there are so many good sides to her, but in other ways I can’t trust her to do what she says she will. This is the third time that I lend her money and she returns it way later than she promises. In June I lent her $300. First she promised she’d give it back by the end of July, then by the end of August. I still haven’t seen it back. That in itself is bad enough but here comes the ridiculous part. She told me the other day, when I complained about her flakiness, that given my situation I do not really need the money the way she does and therefore she didn’t make it a priority.
I know it sounds all ridiculous but I don’t know how to reconcile enjoying the otherwise sweet friendship we have and the fact that I’m losing trust in her.
Here are my 2 models:

C: My friend doesn’t keep her promises
T: I’m losing trust in her cause she doesn’t do what she says
F: I feel disappointed, sad, frustrated
A: I’m distancing myself
R: Our friendship is threatened

I’ve started with the R for the intentional model:

C: My friend doesn’t keep her promises
T: Maybe she’s not aware of it
F: I feel confident
A: I talk to my friend and explain how her behavior effects me
R: My friend keeps what she promises and acts upon it.

I’m new to the model. Thoughts?