I have been so disappointed in myself lately. I did so great with weight loss in all of 2018, losing 55 pounds. I felt like I had control of my mind. I was happier at work. I was going out and exercising more. I was getting better about all of my negative self talk. In the last few weeks, I feel like everything is slipping away. I’m feeling stressed at work again, and I’m giving into urges. I’ve started to gain a few pounds back. The negative self talk is coming back. I choose to stay at home alone instead of going out and exercising or meeting people. All these things that seemed so much better after a year of work. I guess my question is where do you think I should focus my energy at recovering what I had before? I have been doing thought downloads about my food and urges, but I haven’t found anything helpful there. It seems like it’s all stemming from my thoughts about work stress, so maybe I should focus on that? I am just feeling lost, which I’m sure is stemming from a thought that I should change… just having trouble picking it out. Thanks in advance for your help.