Discipline (I don’t like the way husband does it)

A hot topic in our house is that we discipline our toddler differently. I can’t stand the way he disciplines and I basically override the discipline because of the way he yells at her. Most of the time for no reason.

For example, yesterday she was playing with a ballon in the house which we both allow and he was feeding our newborn and I was washing my pump parts. Well, our toddler was playing with the ballon and running around basically annoying him because everything was chaotic (to him) he told her to sit down and calm down. She wasn’t acting crazy in my eyes but apparently hitting the ballon to make it go up was to him which he allows and does with her at times. She wasn’t listening so he said “go to your room.”

So I butted in and asked, “what is she doing wrong?”

And he said “why don’t you just agree with my doings?”

I said “I can’t when she is doing absolutely nothing wrong.”

I’m not sure how to do the model correctly AND how to get on the same page as him.

C- husband sent daughter to her room
T- I can’t stand the way he disciplines
F- ? (I have a bunch of feelings)
A- I override him
R- ?

Help, please