Disconnection between focus area and purpose . . .

I have been working this month (first month!) with a purpose of “I am a fresh breeze.” Every day I was doing my homework with much gusto, thinking of all the ways I could implement my purpose in my life, and living it as much as possible in little ways. Then . . . dun dun dun . . . came the week #3 homework. I did a tutoring session and chose a focus area of weight loss (have already been working on this since June). Ever since, I’m feeling totally stumped on how to live my purpose through the focus of weight loss. I did a model on my unintentional thoughts and couldn’t even think of an alternative intentional thought to try to adopt instead.

C have chosen weight loss as a SCS focus
T what’s the connection to my purpose? It doesn’t really matter.
F apathetic
A small quits; going off plan
R undermining confidence; lack of weight loss

C have chosen weight loss as SCS focus
T ________________________ ?????????
F committed, invested, excited, privileged to be able to do it (not punished by HAVING to do it)
A stick to plan
R lose weight, gain strength

How can I find a thought that will help me feel more committed and like weight loss matters to my life purpose?