Hey Brooke! OMG. I’m OBSESSED with this month. And pretty much all of what you teach. I feel like you’re speaking my language. It’s amazing. Thank you.

Here’s my question. I LOVEEE learning all the concepts and everything you share, but I have this fear that the more I learn, and the more I practice what I learn, I’m going to become disconnected from those around me: good friends, family members, etc. Feeling connected to others, relationships, friendships are my highest value and priority, and loss is scary to me. Throughout my work as a coach I fear learning things that light me up and becoming who I know I’m meant to become, because I fear others around me not understanding me, and I fear loosing them because we’ll have different ways now of looking at life.

As I write it, I KNOW how ridiculous it sounds: withhold what lights me up like crazy to potentially preserve friendships that light me up like crazy.

Can you help with this? Or rather help me help myself with this?!

Thank you for ALL you do.

XO- Aliya