Discount Dares & Berkshires

Hi Brooke
I wanted to tell you about two impromptu darest: 1) I had already done my SCS work & wrote down my dare but on way to work I stopped to pick up flowers for a woman at work. I was at our local grocery store & the bouquet was $19.99 which I thought was a bit pricey. I walked up to cashier & asked for a 50% discount. The cashier & the woman who had just checked out looked at me like I was crazy. I just stood there after I said it with a smile on my face. She then called the manager over who after a bit of a conversation with me gave the bouquet to me for $6. It gets better-I was then at a local shop buying my husband for his birthday this high end brand shirt he likes-the retail price was $149. They didn’t have his size but the manager said they might have the spring collection in the back in his size-they did & again I asked for discount. He said “I’ll give it to you for $39.99” at first I thought he meant $10 off but no-he gave it to me for $39.99 & nothing is wrong with it. I’m going to be dangerous with these dares-lol.
Next question:
Where & when are you going to Bershires? They are beautiful-we live about an hour from there. Have fun!
Much love & gratitude to you!