Discouraged 2

Thanks a lot for your feedback!! Here is my work about it.

“Do a thought download on your expectations for self-coaching. ”
My expectations for self-coaching : I should be able to change my thoughts about my husband. I should be able to be balanced and not depressed. If I’m not able to do that after 2 years of self-coaching practice, it means that this is not working and that I should find another method (like a therapist). Or I’m not doing it right, or not consistently (but I’m doing it every day and I put a lot of efforts in it). Or I need to hear something new from a coach to change my mind. I am stuck in an old pattern and self-coaching is only making it worse by bringing consciousness about it. I’m so frustrated about the situation and about me not able to move forward. Sometimes I want to quit Self Coaching Scholars to avoid this frustration.

“Let’s try an advanced self-coaching technique… Use this as a Circumstance in a model: “My thought: ‘I’m still struggling to be a happy wife.’””
C My thought: ‘I’m still struggling to be a happy wife.’”
T Self-coaching is useless
F frustrated
A tell myself I’m loosing money, want to leave SCS, criticize myself taking an appointment with a therapist and with a person running personality tests, judge myself for engaging in self-coaching, find it weird/cheesy/ridiculous to be engaged in personal development, find evidences of that around me (in media, podcasts or articles criticizing personal development)
R I put myself down and make my self-coaching work useless

C My thought: ‘I’m still struggling to be a happy wife.’”
T I know this is just a thought.
F neutral
A continue to self-coach every day, don’t put me down, don’t have doubts about my thought work, take distance with my thoughts, see my brain functioning with curiosity
R I use my consciousness about how my brain works to my own benefit