Discouraged 3

Thanks a lot for your coaching! This is my work about it:

A powerful question to ask yourself is simply, “Why am I choosing to make it mean this?”

The answer is because I don’t want to feel depressed and frustrated. I really want to avoid depression because I think it is really bad (because then I think I’m like my mother and grandmother and I’m ruining everyone’s life, etc).

So, if I’m feeling depressed, I make it mean the method I’m using doesn’t work and I should change it.I could accept to feel depressed sometimes. This is not ruining my life because I feel mainly ok otherwise (I can feel depressed and go on with my life). Most of the time I feel mainly good (even if I’m feeling afraid, anxious, stressed, bored, angry, etc at the same time. In this case I’m rating the day as a good day at the end of it).

C I’m feeling depressed
T This is part of my human experience
F Neutral
A Breathe, connect with the vibration in my body, rate it on a 1 to 10 scale, don’t make it mean bold statements like, I will never be happy in a relationship, don’t say “I have a psychological problem” to my husband, choose to talk and connect to other people, don’t make impulsive decisions like leaving Scholars or making appointments with new therapists, don’t criticize myself
R I accept myself the way I am and create an overall good day

Then I can choose what I want to do with self-coaching or mental health management in general and decide what I think would be the best practice for me and what I want for myself.

I want to understand myself better. I want to take distance with my thoughts. I want to allow all my emotions. I want to set goals and take action to reach them. I want to feel well-balanced, not because I feel happy all the time but because I’m ok to feel negative emotions.

I guess the best thing for me now is not to make impulsive decisions because I’m feeling helpless. I want to feel measured and rational. I don’t want to do quick moves. I will go on with self-coaching and observe what’s going on, then I could make new decisions if I want to.