I’m back home after a one week vacation alone and I feel irritated against my husband. I don’t know what is the thought causing it, maybe “I’m fed up to be with him, I want to be left alone.” I feel so discouraged that my marriage is not going well because of my thoughts. I see all the coaching work I’ve done during the past two years and I’m still struggling to be a happy wife. There is no hope because I know this are my thoughts causing this situation and I’m not able to change them. I can see I’m dramatizing, going to the worst case scenario. I could think this is just a phase. But what I see is me ruining all my relationships, and not being able to settle with one man and be happy. There are so many thoughts to change and I did work about it already. How could I stick to it when I have to redo the work over and over again, restarting from scratch after a while…?