Discouraged about weight loss progress

C: 120lb weight loss goal, weighed 130 this morning, 10lbs until goal met, highest weight was 200lbs, first day I weighed 130lbs was 7/15/20, today’s date 8/25/20

T: This might take longer than I thought.
F: Discouraged
A: Stop working on weight loss thought work, try to self coach around time instead of weight loss (because I’m trying to hurry and rush it, therefore, I need to work on time), ruminate on all the other fun self coaching I could be doing if the weight were off by now and I was “done”, ignore/neglect my biweekly weight loss assessment time blocks I set as reoccurring in the calendar, ignore my weight loss thought work running list in Trello, stop/pause watching all of Brooke’s WL masterclass videos until I can get caught up on the worksheets, don’t intentionally schedule the finishing of the worksheets, neglect the debrief/learning from mistakes, failures, and going off my protocol, don’t come up with tactical strategies to all my current obstacles in my running Trello card

R: I make it take longer to lose the weight (because I stopped working toward my goal intentionally).

I wonder why it’s taking longer?!?!?! LOL

Just discovered this model today, wanted to get it posted for some feedback and will work on evaluating it more tonight and building an IM. Thanks coaches!