Discouraged follow up

Thanks for the coaching.

I do recognize that I haven’t done the work on overeating and overdrinking and am still choosing to buffer. And that is what I am super discouraged about. I feel like I have WASTED six months of my time in scholars. I think I will choose this as one of the stories of my past that I need to re-write for our work in July.

I love this perspective: “In order to give up overeating and overdrinking, I have to be willing to feel all my emotions and be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE emotionally until I learn how to manage them properly. Then I will be free of it. But I have to go through the process in order for the process to work. I am capable of doing this and I believe it will work.” Freedom is at the top of my compelling reasons list. I am going to think of Mel Gibson in Braveheart as my spirit guide. 🙂

With respect to the work situation I think it is interesting that you said: “Other people’s opinions about you at work are truly none of your business.” I was trying to use “their opinions are about them” as my new thought which was keeping the focus on them, not me. So, for the next two months before I go back I am going to keep my focus on all the reasons I have made this decision: I love the law because I am constantly learning new things; this firm has always been great about family/work balance; part of their practice is criminal defense which I feel very passionate about; I have an amazing mentor there; the firm’s clients tend to be individuals and small businesses so I feel connected to the advocacy; this can be a platform where I can carve out the advocate I want to be in the law. Wow! That feels so much better!